Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How does FTP-Link software work?
A: To send any file using FTP and download links, first, click the "Personal FTP" icon on your desktop. You will see the upload screen. Click "Add" and browse to the files you want to upload. Click "Upload All", and all files will be uploaded. A new email will then open with the download links displayed. Address and send.
Q: How do I access the setup screen?
A: After installing FTP-Link Software, there will be a 'Preferences' desktop icon. Click the icon to open the setup screen. Then click the 'FTP Settings' tab. After entering your settings, be sure to use the 'Test' buttons to verify the settings. You may then use the 'Go to FTP Site' button to navigate to the site using Windows Explorer.
Q: PDF Emailer and FTP-Link Software share the same setup screen. Why?
A: Both applications are integrated into one software. When you buy one, you get both. They work off of some of the same user input. For example, you set up your preferred email carrier only once. It works for both applications.
Q: What do the two softwares do with my email?
A: FTP-Link uses your preferred email system to attach download links of your uploaded file. PDF Emailer uses the same preferred email system when it converts your document to a PDF or JPG. Once those image files are created, it opens a new email in your selected carrier and attached the file.
Q: What is FTP?
A: The internet uses a variety of rules, or protocols, to govern how information is transmitted. For instance, "http" refers to the set of rules by which website content is sent to and interpreted by your browser. It stands for "hypertext transfer protocol." There are many such protocols: SMTP, IMAP and POP3 are protocols for sending emails, for example. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the set of rules by which website page, he sends (uploads) it to the web server using FTP.
Q: Why would I need to use FTP?
A: FTP is closer to you than you may think. People and businesses increasingly send files to each other. Usually these are as email attachments but this is not always the best choice. FTP is a better choice when sending large files or files which will be continuously accessed by multiple parties. When using FTP, there always needs to be a web server involved.
Q:What is a web server?
A: A web server is a computer which is continually connected to the internet, and which is equipped with software such as Apache, enabling the computer to deliver website content. A good web server should be in a secure environment protected from fire and other disasters, and should be regularly backed up to a separate location for redundancy. It must be a very solid machine which is capable of major multi-tasking with minimal downtime.
Q: Sounds expensive. I don't know if I can afford it.
A: You don't need to buy a web server. Just rent some space on one and you are good to go. We offer FTP Webspace to fill this need. It is so inexpensive that you will be very pleasantly surprised. FTP Webspace has all the security and redundancy features needed to provide you with a solid platform.
Q: So, in order to use FTP-Link software and create download links for my large files, I need to also rent space on the FTP Webspace server?
A: No, we have made available to FTP-Link customers a username and password allowing access to the Customer Webspace at no additional cost. This is a great place to get hands-on experience with FTP before committing to a dedicated webspace program.
Q: How does the Customer Webspace work?
A: When you download FTP-Link, you will be provided with settings to target your uploads to the Customer Webspace. Once you enter those settings, you will be able to make full use of FTP-Link. You will be able to upload your files and create download links in your email. Your friends and co-workers will be very impressed.
Q: Why wouldn't I just use the Customer Webspace forever?
A: You might, and that is OK. Be aware that the site can be accessed by all FTP-LInk customers. You will see their files on the site and they will see yours. If privacy is an issue, delete your file from the site after confirming that all your recipients have downloaded. Also, we periodically clean out the site, so your file will not be permanently hosted there, At minimum, you will always have 30 days before your file is removed.
Q: How can I view contents of the Customer Webspace and remove my files?
A: The easiest way to start is to open "Preferences" (there will be a desktop icon), click the "FTP Settings" tab, then click "Go to FTP Site". Windows Explorer will automatically open and ask you for the site password. When you provide it, Windows Explorer will connect to the Customer Webspace. The right half of the screen will be the contents of the Customer Webspace. The left side will be your local computer. You will be able to right-click/drag contents from your computer to the Customer Webspace and vice versa easily. You can right-click/delete your file on the webspace to remove it.
Q: Cool. A free experimental webspace. Can I do anything else with it?
A: Yes. You can post a mini-website for a short time. This can be for experimental purposes, or for a short-term meeting invitation or even to host an online photo album. Rules: Do not tamper with or remove any files which are not yours. Do not post any websites for illegal activities or products.
Q: If I decide to take the plunge and get my own webspace, what else can I do with it?
A: When you take the plunge, and it is probably only a matter of time, a whole world will open up to you.

Your webspace will be a private place where you can upload important files as an archive or backup. If your system crashes, you will still be able to access your important files online. You will be able to keep your FTP Webspace uploads posted indefinitely and privately. You will be able to host websites which can be online brochures for your business or a resource website hosting frequently-used documents for multiple users. You will be able to share photo albums and post meeting or party invitations. This is only limited by your imagination. And we will help you get going.
Q: Is there anything else I need to know?
A: Do not have any spaces in the filenames of files you will host on a web server. The download links will not work. We recommend avoiding spaces in any file names or folder names for this reason.
Q: When is a good time to start learning about FTP, web servers, and moving files across the internet?
A: Definitely now!

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